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There are a ton of free apps on shopify, which apps will help your store?

February 2021

Which Shopify apps will help your store?

When you open your shopify store it comes with access to hundreds of free resources in the form of free shopify apps for your store.  Here is a list of 5 free apps that will help optimize and grow your store for free before you have to go and hire a professional.

1.    Shopify Email

    If you're looking to market your business through email,  Shopify Email is a great tool to help build an email list and create and manage campaigns.  You can create and send campaigns that track your opens, clicks, add to carts, and purchases with this app.  The app allows for 2500 free emails a month and just 1$ for every 1,000 emails after that.

Shopify Email free shopify app

2.    BetterReplay

For shop owners who wonder why their website doesn't convert.  BetterReplay provides live recordings of each user's session.  This allows you to see how each user is interacting with your site.  This data will allow you to evaluate new ideas to improve conversions.  This app will let you test different areas in your design to see if they are working the way they should. This app records up to 5,000 free sessions per month.

3.     PayWhirl Recurring Payments 

If your shop offers subscriptions or is looking too this app makes it easy to create and mange subscriptions from shopify.  Your customer can set up their own accounts and check their billing history through the app. 

PayWhirl free shopify app

4.    EasyShip

Easyship is a shipping app with over 100,000 retailers to save time and money for their delivery services.  This app allows you to reach customers around the world with the lowest cost and highest conversion rates.

easy ship free shopify app

5.    Smart SEO

Website SEO is a challenge to most business owners.  There is a reason why there are SEO agencies. It takes time, research, resources and money to build a website and rank it high in search engnes.  Smart SEO automates SEO optimization and drives more traffic to your store.

Smart SEO Free shopify app

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