How To Get In Touch with Shopify

February 2021

Need to talk to Shopify?

Have you googled Shopify Customer Service number recently and found absolutely nothing that you wanted? We know when you run into some trouble on your site or are confused about something you want the comfort of being able to pick up the phone and talk to a live person. It cuts down the time it would take us to read through forums that may or may not have your answers. When you visit Shopify’s website and search customer service number they stonewall you with the Shopify Help Center or The Shopify Community where you can only hope that when you ask a question it will get answered by someone in the community or a staff member. 

Unfortunately, as we write this post there is the Shopify Customer Service Number is still rather illusive and takes many steps to get to. This could be very deliberate on Shopify’s behalf because with so many people on the platform it could take too much to support the demand without trying to provide resources first. We know, that's corny! But you aren't entirely out of luck left to figure it out on your own. There are a lot of ecommerce agencies that specialize in Shopify that may be willing to help you solve those pesky one off problems. Sometimes your fix can be as small as troubleshooting that you can do on your own. Small agencies like ours are particularly in the business of serving the Shopify Community and want to help however we can. 

Keep in mind there may be fixes that will require a greater investment of time, effort and money that can also be determined by reaching out. We know this isn't the simple easy fix you were looking for but you are a business owner you know first hand that problems aren't the issue when you have solutions that can fix them.

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