A Creative Way To Personalize Your Shopify Store

February 2021

Personalize Your Shopify Store

Have you been contemplating how to make shopping with your shopify ecommerce store, a more pleasurable experience for your customers? This can be even harder to do as an online ecommerce website because there is no checkout clerk that can bag their item nicely, give them genuine conversation and a smile. But, there are still ways that you can achieve customers coming back because of the experience. Have you guessed how yet?  The answer is by how you ship your products. 

There are a dozen memes floating around the internet sharing how people feel like christmas every time they receive a package at their door. Although this often gets a lot of laughs there are also some insights we can gain from it. Receiving packages feels like a special experience and therefore, providing an extra touch can make it even more special. Have you ever considered writing your customer a note?

A handwritten note can feel like a very special touch that shows you care because you do. The note doesn't have to be long but one sentence with well wishes can go a long way. Be careful, because this can backfire if you take the easy route and make photocopies of your personalized note. The customer can tell If you make copies and then a kind gesture seems disingenuous. This little detail will make your product easy to bring up when they are talking to their friends and family. And word of mouth is the best form of marketing. If you want to keep up with the latest content about Shopify help subscribe to our Shopify Blog with your email address below.

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