Celebration of July Five

July 2020

Our 1 Year Anniversary

After a beautiful weekend of celebration we wanted to share a bit of our black love story. July 5th, 2019 my wonderful wife Lauren and I jumped the broom. We partied that night like we knew the “Rona” was going to plague 2020. We danced, drank, and were married like the good Lord commanded. To this day, people tell us we had the Best wedding and I never contest it. We know we would not have had such a great time without our guests and family in attendance. Sending a big shout to them. We did it for us but never forgot them. The reception had so much food, the drinks were flowing and the music was rockin’.

Wedding picture of Lauren and Kevin Deal
Us at the Waterfall

Over the moon we Honey’d to the beautiful Dominican Republic against the warnings of the world. We had researched and prayed and learned there was nothing in the DR more dangerous than the block we live on in Norf Philly. So we went and did what lovers do. We snorkled (not very long before Lauren was sick). We swam in the most blue and beautiful lagoon I had ever seen. We drank them “Coco Loco’s”. We soaked up all the sun the sky could offer, and had a romantic dinner on the beach.

In reflection after our very first Anniversary this is the most thinking and reflecting we have done on those moments.  I have a smile on my face as I type this post.  I have realized those moments were Incredible but at the same time just moments among many we are blessed to share.  Our wedding day was one of the proudest days of our lives.  That's why when we decided to launch our Black Owned Design Agency I wanted to name it July Five.  Then our launch became one of our proudest days.

Lauren and I hiked together last weekend, something we’ve never done before.  At first I was salty like “this is how we’re going to spend our anniversary?”.  The July Heat was whoopin’ us and the bugs were bittin’.  Still we pressed on and made it somewhere cool and by the shade and water, TOGETHER.  We came home to a beautiful candle light dinner surprise I HOOKED UP.  We sat down at dinner and said to each other “that wasn’t too bad”. We had felt accomplished.  The point is, we make a great team and I knew creating July Five would showcase that. With Lauren’s strong Producer and Project Management skills along with my technical Web developer and Web Design skills we work TOGETHER to build quality black owned retail brands with the same love we stand on in Marriage.  We hope to encourage folks that look like us and be a reflection of God’s love for us in everything we do.

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