You have seen the logo and possibly read the quick tagline on the home page and you may still be wondering, what is July Five? Why did we decide to create July Five and what is our goal? If you have read our About Us it highlights our individual expertise and our strategy to blend them together to create something unique. But this still might not be enough. The short answer is that July Five is a design collective that specializes in omnichannel experience.


Omni, what?


For those of you who are not familiar with what an omnichannel is, here is a brief definition: a cross-collaboration strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience and drive better relationships with their audience across points of contact. This occurs by designing and orchestrating consistent user experiences at every user touchpoint.


What does this mean in laymen’s terms? We focus on creating a seamless user experience from brand assets and online websites through to the physical brick and mortar location, which builds brand trust and loyalty.


Why Is This Relevant?


With an eye on global design trends we began to notice our counterparts across the globe were already integrating interior design into their agency offerings. We know through our knowledge and experience that there is an important correlation between our digital and physical spaces, but these agencies were now our proof. Proof that as we suspected, in order for brands of the future to survive the ever-changing landscape there needs to be a cohesive experience for users in retail, hospitality, and even the workplace. This fact is relevant to brands both big and small.


With cell phone usage on the rise 90% of users visit a brand’s website before they visit their physical location. While at that location it is reported that over 83% of users are using their phones with a large majority accessing the brand’s website.


What does this information tell us? This important statistic spotlights an often-overlooked brand pain point that, if your website and physical location do not have consistent user experiences it will create distrust with the user. Most brands small and large create their user experiences is silos.Hiring one company to do one part of the work and another to do what remains.This process has the high risk of creating gaps that act as a detriment to building a strong brand. To ensure the activities of your users are coherent from web to brick and mortar we work together within our two disciplines to create what we consider “magic”.


Why is this beneficial to you?


Because, July Five is a one stop shop. We are not merely a design agency but a design collective. We are able to create custom teams for all of your design needs. If you require brand identity, strategy, and marketing, along with your digital and physical experiences we've got you covered.This ultimately cuts down your effort and time needed as an already busy business owner to get all of these projects off the ground and with the right professionals that you can trust. If your brand is not yet at a place where you need to merge these two experiences together we can still provide you with the right solution for your design needs.

What do we value?


We value people, we value our community and we value building strong brands that tell authentic brand stories to our community. As minority business owners we have a thorough understanding of our community’s wants, needs, desires/aspirations and pain points. Too often we have seen brands unintentionally lose our trust through not understanding us and ultimately pandering. We want this narrative to change within our own brands and those who market to us. We value change.