In the excitement of our version one launch of July Five,  I wanted to share my first experience building with Webflow.   When building a responsive website I usually build it from scratch (mobile screen first). With this project I wanted to design and build a CMS(Content Management system) as quickly as possible.  When it comes to my own projects I tend to put them on the back burner in order to complete client projects.  I needed a builder like Webflow that would free me up to in order to have a few hours a day in down time.

"Webflow is a responsive web design tool." I grabbed that straight off the Webflow website. Webflow is a tool that allowed me to build a website right into my web browser. Here are a couple of Pros to using Webflow to design our website: 

1. I was able to learn on the job in stride

Resources like the Webflow blog have so many tips and tricks to designing your first project in Webflow. I found that the speed I was able to design, build, and host a site with was exactly what I was looking for.  With Webflow I did not have to compromise the design or build to get it in done quickly.  I know some clients value quick turnover to launch,  Webflow can be a useful tool to turn around simple designs to clients in a hurry which can be valuable to their business.

2. Webflow has a really cool list of built in animations

These animations will give your responsive website the sauce it needs to stand out.  The animations are simple  to use and test.  A simple click of the preview button and you get to watch elements dance and slide.

Gif of H1 sliding animation

Webflow has preloaded animations to hovers and clicks.  It also allows you to create your own. I taught this headline above the Toosie slide.

Overall using Webflow was a ton of fun and it helped me produce the site you see in front of you.  I hope you enjoyed it. Please share this post if you ever think you would like to use Webflow in the future or want to learn more about it.