Launching your ecommerce store with the right products

April 2021

Launching With the Right Products

After you select your target audience and do the work to decide what solutions they actually want and need now it's time to bottle up the package or products. This week we explore how to launch with the right amount of products to keep a lean ecommerce business that sets the stage for scaling. We wanted to talk about this topic because last  we talked about target audience and narrowing down your target audience and figuring out you know who they are, what they do, their behaviors and how you can talk to them. How do they talk? How do they want to be talked to? What do they need? What do they want? What do they desire and supplying that? Yeah, and so I think the next natural transition after that is to talk about products. To hear more on launching products to your Shopify store listen to Just Copped, an Ecommerce Show.

In your Shopify store its a great Idea to just have one area of focus and have a slim selections of produtct(s) you sell. simliarly to how we talked about narrowing down your target audience. You cannot market to everyone same goes to selling everything. Its hard to sell things if you have 30 skews. This Is why Most Ecommerce websites Have a Featured item or best seller section of their websites.

This slow rollout of products or released items is more sustainable to your pocket. It's more sustainable to your marketing budget and cost to make what ever product your selling. If you make one thing that sells you will save in inventory, as suppose you have 15 items and two are selling really well.

Another benefit to limiting items is you get good at making one product that will differentiate your brand from the competition. Ie. Famous Amos cookies, now I could be wrong but they're known for one thing and that's Chocolate chip cookies. I go with Famous Amos when I want my chips chocolate.That should be the kind of relationship a small business should desire to have with the customers. That product will make you the GO-TO!

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