7 Questions to Better Understand Your Clients Brand.

They may just need a landing page

1.Tell me why you started this brand/company?

2.What descriptive words would you use to describe your brand/company?

3.What is your brand/company doing for its market?

4.Why should someone invest in your brand/company?

5.What colors have you chosen to represent your brand/company?

6.Do you have a logo for your brand/company? What does that logo represent to you?

7.Why do you want to have a landing page, what purpose do you envision it serving?

These 7 questions help me begin understanding my client and their brand. With this knowledge I am able to best communicate the brand message by building a landing page which is one of our offerings.

A landing page is considered an information page or advertisement. The goal of the landing page is to score the conversion of a viewer into a consumer or at least into someone who is interested. Practical ways to get this done is through newsletter subscriptions and email forms.

ex. of a conversion form we built.

Here is an excellent Landing page we built over at CastingQual